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RV Applications


The photos below illustrate some of the applications of SoftCell portable water softeners for RVs


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  • Affordable Easy Set-up Compact & Portable
  • Has No Moving Parts Uses No Electricity
  • Low Maintenance Design with Brass/Stainless Fittings
  • Softens up to 5000 Gal. of Water Before Recharging
  • No Decrease in Water Pressure
  • Regenerates with Home System Softener Salt
  • Easy to empty and store in compartments
  • Improves Water Taste & Reduces Odors
  • Ends Rust and Soap Scum Stains on Fixtures
  • Allows the Use of Less Soap for Onboard Appliances 
  • Eliminates Hard Water Deposits on Piping & Fixtures
  • Prevents Scratching of Delicate Surfaces
  • No Soap Scum on Showers


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